Coming out of the Pole Closet

Pole dancing seems to always have a certain stigma about it. A lot of people still relate it to stripping. I can totally see why; both dance styles have a pole and both dance types can have a sexy kinda style to them. That is where the similarities end.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with stripping. In fact I’m quite the opposite. I think if those girls are confident enough with their bodies to want to show people then all the power to them. I imagine it can be quite endearing. However, it is not for me. I definitely don’t have that confidence. I do have the confidence in the dancing though.

I don’t specifically remember how long I was dancing before I came out of the pole closet to my parents. I think it was a term or two in, when I really started to enjoy it and become truly obsessed with it. I don’t remember getting any reaction from my father, but the reaction from my mother was pretty underwhelming. I showed her a few videos of Bobbi (who happened to be wearing a close to nude coloured costume) and my mum, rather than appreciate the amazingness of what is Bobbi from Bobbi’s Pole Studio, instead her reaction was “is she naked?”

After that she was not interested in seeing any more videos. She didn’t even want to hear about it. She thought I was a stripper.

Up until a few weeks ago, she STILL believed I was a stripper. Until I showed her my very first solo performance video. I tried showing her videos of me doing amazing tricks on my own pole but her reaction (and I realise now it was just because she felt uncomfortable watching them) was that I looked so awkward. Thanks mum.

So after watching my video she said “Wow, you’re pretty good”. It was like a dream come true!

Now I just need to convince her to come and watch me perform live 🙂

My dad has always been pretty cool about it. He is always asking me about my splits and asking for tips on how to get lower. We are always comparing kicks and because he does martial arts, he appreciates how high I can kick and which way I can kick and is always telling me I can do this and that kind of martial arts kick and that he wishes he could get his legs up like that. So then we compare flex notes 🙂

I’m not sure who else in my family knows I’m a pole dancer. It still feels weird to call myself that, even though it’s true. My sister supports me by coming to watch whenever she can. And one of my cousins has been once or twice. Now that I’m actually good my fiance doesn’t come to watch me every time anymore. It’s weird, when you first start dancing, and you’re crap, everyone wants to come and watch you. When you actually get good and can do some pretty amazing things, noone wants to come and watch anymore! It’s a little disappointing.

In any case, most people know I’m a pole dancer. My bosses are aware. I even have a pole in my office gym (which is where I film most of my short move videos). Yep, I have some pretty cool bosses 🙂



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