Jaxie James in Sweet Dreams: My first solo

I’ve wanted to do something like this for awhile but never really took the time to do it. If you’ve been reading my other blog posts, you’ll know that I have a few issues performing. I don’t look up (although I have started to recently), and I find it difficult to make eye contact or smile at people, mostly because I don’t want to make them feel awkward. I don’t really have a performance face. So something like this would almost force me into it.

Well I thought it would. But since the song is so dark, it really doesn’t require smiling. It does require staring, which I did pretty well, and you would have seen it if the camera was closer, but it wasn’t.

This video fits in well with the timing of the year, and halloween coming up, I kinda wanted to make it a bit dark. I have no idea where this darkness came from, or where the slowness came from, because I’m a pretty lighthearted person and love to dance to fast songs. Slow songs aren’t really my thing. But I loved doing this.

Every few months our company has a charity event where the employees participate in some kind of event and for each participant the company donates X amount to a charity. This time around the event is an art exhibition and for each individual entry the company is donating $500 to charity. Each year I submit a video that is borderline offensive (I have a very strange sense of humour, and luckily the people I work with share that sense of humour) and this year I figured I would do something different so submitted my first solo recording.

The recording admittedly is not the greatest. I went through the routine twice and unfortunately the second time the camera did not record it, although I did not know until I had already arrived home. Of course the second time I went through it I just happened to nail it. I didn’t expect this one to be my final recording so that part is slightly disappointing. I will however have many opportunities to perform again as a solo so I’m not taking it to heart. For a first time it’s really not bad 🙂

Next time hopefully I’ll have an audience 🙂

I have to say a HUGE thank you to one of my amazing teachers Jedda J Jordan who helped me with the choreography (to be fair, she did think up about 95% of it). Jedda really is an amazing teacher and dancer. She is super flexible, has the most amazing moves, strength and the range of moves she does vary extensively. She really is a pleasure to watch and if you have not yet bought your tickets to the Miss Pole Dance Australia finals next month at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, you should do it now so you don’t miss out on watching Jedda dance. Tickets can be purchased from Ticketek.

The recording was done at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney.

In any case, please enjoy. Unfortunately due to copyright it is not available in Germany or on mobile devices.

Song Title: Sweet Dreams
Artist: Marilyn Manson

Dancer: Jaxie James
Choreography: Jedda J Jordan and Jaxie James
Filmed at: Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Sydney



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