Let’s Get Flexible, Flexible!

Just over a month ago I posted on my facebook page that I was looking for a few girls to do an experiment for me but I didn’t tell anyone what the experiment was.

I have never danced in my life. I never did gymnastics or anything rhythmic. I’m a singer but that’s all the rhythm I have. In my body, there was none. On my first pole class I came home saying I was never going back because I couldn’t even do a figure 8 with my hips. Luckily my fiance told me just to go back one more time.

So you can imagine how inflexible I was when I started pole. My first teacher (I miss her dearly) was Cleo the Hurricane. In warmup she always made sure she did things that helped with our flex and our strength. I can easily attribute most of my flexibility to the things I learned in her classes and the little tips she would give.

Cleo put her first DVD out in February called Rockin Legs n Abs. At this point I’m already quite flexible now so there was no point doing this experiment myself, so I bought some DVDs from Cleo (not telling her why) and sent them to a few random girls who have been following my page.

Week 0 photos came in and the amount of flex these girls had was perfect. I wanted to see what someone who had a similar amount of flex that I had when I started would be able to do in a month using Cleo’s DVD.

The instructions for my girls were to do the DVD every second day, to never do the DVD 2 days in a row, and to take a progress shot every Sunday. I also instructed them to eat some kind of protein after each time they did the DVD.

Week 1 came and I got some feedback from the girls as well as their photos. Let me just say that I was completely shocked at the results. I expected them to be awesome, and they exceeded my expectations 100 fold.

After the first week, the girls started to feel a bit more coordinated. They were able to remember the routine of the DVD and so were ready for the next moves when they came. One of my girls said she even started singing the songs!

Some of the feedback was that there were sore and tender muscles. One girl told me she was surprised at the amount of progress she had even only doing the DVD twice a week as she had some injuries which prevented her from doing it more often. It looks like that was the DVD in action 🙂

After the second week I went over to South Africa for a holiday and took my DVD with me. I did the DVD in an afternoon where I had some free time. As someone who has done many of Cleo’s warmups containing most of the moves in the DVD, and being someone who goes to the gym 6 days a week in addition to my 4 pole classes, I can say that I was so sore for 2 days afterwards. Muscles that I don’t normally use got used, mostly the ones in the middle split holds. I can say that last week I did get closest to the ground that I have ever gotten in my centre split. I may even have touched the ground with my lady parts 🙂

OK so week 3 is done and there was one more week to go. Catching up with my ladies and one of them told me that up until week 3 she had also lost 7.5cm! In 3 weeks that is a pretty good result! She had changed her eating slightly to be eating more clean and eating protein after the DVD like I had asked. Very impressive 🙂

Week 4 and the ladies are all very happy with their results. Due to some injuries some were not able to carry on, some had to put it off until a few weeks later, hence the lateness of this post (waiting on their pics).

My lovely lady who had been taking measurements had lost a total of 17cm from her bust, waist and hips. Just goes to show that if you eat right and do a few days of exercise per week (even exercise that you LOVE) it’s not as hard as you think to get in shape 🙂

I did this experiment for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I wanted to give some of my followers a gift for helping me with something, so I purchased the DVDs and sent them to all of the girls.

The second reason I wanted to do this was because I wanted to prove that if you actually stick to something you can reach your goals. It doesn’t actually matter what your goal is. It could be learning to run, doing unassisted pullups, quitting smoking or some other bad habit, or like this experiment, gaining flexibility. If you put your heart into something and want it bad enough, and work your ass off for it, you WILL achieve it.

Lastly, I wanted to do this for my teacher and friend Cleo who has helped me become the dancer that I am today. Her methods work. If you’re reading this and you haven’t bought yourself a DVD yet, you should get over to her website and buy yourself one. Even if you only do the DVD a few times a week, you will notice results just like my girls did 🙂

A huge thank you to the girls who helped me:

Kat who took measurements each week and sent me her photos like clockwork. Thanks so much for your help. Kat would like me to give a shout out to Polelicious in Dandenong North which is where she dances.

Kate who has also been doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week body Transformation like I have. You’re looking amazing! Thank you so much for your help. Keep up the fantastic work. Kate dances at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney.

Shelly who made me laugh with her descriptions of the moves. “Middle splits… Death to middle splits!” Shelly has her own blog if you’d like to go have a read. It is called ShellySpins

Sue who although had some injuries and could only do the DVD twice a week had some amazing results. Thanks for your help Sue 🙂

You can buy Cleo’s DVD now from her website: www.CleoTheHurricane.com



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