Men in the Pole World

This is a topic I find funny sometimes, not because I don’t appreciate a male pole dancer, but mostly because of the connotations surrounding men who pole dance.

What is the first thing people say when you tell them you pole dance?
Usually for me they assume I strip. I totally admire those women out there who are confident, sexy and comfortable in their own bodies enough to strip. Unfortunately I am not confident, sexy and comfortable in my own body enough to be able to do it. I wish I was. There is a lot of money to be made in stripping and I’d love to love my body so much that I’d want to show it to people. Alas, it is not me. So when people assume I strip, the first thing that comes into my brain is that the person is an idiot, because they do not know the difference.

So what happens when a man says he is a pole dancer?

Your first assumption is that he must be gay, right?

Why is that? Pole dancing has become quite the popular sport among women AND men recently, especially in Australia. More and more men are becoming confident enough to even enter competitions that only women enter. Last year saw the inception of Mr Pole Dance Australia with many competitors coming from all over the world to compete in our beloved “sport”.

Just as I think the person is an idiot when they assume that I strip when I tell them I’m a pole dancer, I also think most people are idiots when they assume a male pole dancer is gay. People automatically associate our sport to something feminine, and so a man could never do it if they fancy women.


Sometimes I prefer watching men pole dance. Men are so much stronger than us chicks which allows them to do things that are just unbelievable. Us girls see what the boys do and try to do them ourselves and just feel completely hopeless because we think we can do anything. Well, most of the time we can, but when it comes to strength it’s not always going to fall in our favour. We have to work harder to get those amazing tricks.

My most favourite show I have ever seen from a male pole dancer was Evgeny Greshilov’s robot. I have been obsessed with him ever since. It would be an absolute dream to meet him one day. If you’re readying this Evgeny, please come visit Australia!




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