Miss Pole Dance 2014 NSW Heats

In an earlier post about my intentions for 2014, I mentioned that I’d like to compete in Miss Pole Dance this year.

My lack of posting since earlier in the year is due to how hard I had been training for Miss Pole Dance. On top of that, in June I started prepping for a fitness comp. After a couple of years getting into fitness and weights I decided that I should give it a try. It has been a roller coaster I can tell you that for sure!


I started training for Miss Pole Dance in February. I knew that if I wanted to look like I belonged on the stage, and be able to pull off some impressive tricks, I would need to start early. Looking back now, if I do it again next year I will start around May. Starting in February was far too soon. You never know, if I had started later I may still be engaged. Deciding to compete in any kind of professional sport whether it is pole dancing, body building, tennis or something else, requires the athlete to have a huge support network behind them and a very understanding and supportive partner. If you don’t have the support network, you set yourself up for failure. Although my partner encouraged me to get into these things at the start, after seeing what was involved from me in terms of commitment was not something he was willing to stick around to support. Having that over my shoulders made my prep for Miss Pole and my prep for my fitness comps that much harder.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am Christina Aguilera’s biggest fan. Ever. Her song Fighter flares something inside of me I just can’t describe. It makes me feel like a powerful woman. Naturally I had to have a theme that was about this 🙂


My friend Billie Brooklyn suggested to me about 2 years ago that I should use Fighter and do a boxing theme. After mentioning it in front of another friend she ended up using that theme last year, so I had to change it slightly. In a way it worked in my favour because I loved my theme so much more than what it had started out to be.

In the end I chose to do a combination of an MMA fighter and Christina’s Dirrty film clip. My first song was Fighter and it went into Dirrty.

I have always wanted to own a pair of bumless chaps and it was the perfect excuse. When I still wanted to do the boxing theme, I purchased a real boxing robe from Title Boxing with my name on the back. The robe was black and gold and so this dictated the colours I’d make my whole costume.

I saw Georgia Moon Costumes quite early to talk about my costume. My friend Billie Brooklyn helped me with the style of it as I didn’t want it to look anything like our friend from the year before. My bra had netting from the bra cups to the neck and under the arms while my hotpants had the netting on the sides near my hip flexors. The chaps of course are bumless with netting all up the inside of the legs, gold on the outside of the legs and black trim at the top of the waist.

Getting the pants off was one of the hardest things to chorey. From memory I only worked out the easiest way to get them off about a week before the competition.


Even up to the second I walked off the stage when I was finished my routine I wasn’t nervous. I walked onto the stage saying to myself “just don’t slip” and walked off thinking “that was the best experience of my life!” From start to end I had the most fun I have EVER had performing. It even trumped the feeling I had when I sang in front of 500 people. Such an amazing high. I felt like I was a different person, and I was. That night changed my life because it made me know that I belonged on a stage, and that I wanted to be a performer.

As I mentioned before, to do these things you need such a good support network or you will set yourself up for failure. If it wasn’t for my girls in team unicorn, I’d never have made it to the stage. When my fiance broke up with me, they were the first people I told and they were and have been still there for me from that day forward. When I had my break downs, they were there. I love them more than anything in the world and could never show my appreciation. Billie Brooklyn and Jinxie Juls, I love you guys.




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