Miss Pole Dance Australia NSW Heats

I admit that it has been some time since I last made a post here and what is my excuse? There has been so much going on with pole and fitness for me at the moment that I haven’t even had time to sit down and write.

The last time I posted I told everyone that I had joined the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. What has inspired me to get off my butt and post now? A 12WBT group that I joined where someone said “What are you doing in your profile pic?” to which I replied “I’m a pole dancer”. I guess I never really think of myself as a pole dancer because I’m still learning, but I’m going to start calling myself that because that is what I actually am. I am a pole dancer. There, I said it.

Now as a pole dancer, we all know that the event of the year is the Miss Pole Dance Australia competition. This year, the heats just happened to fall on my birthday, so instead of going out and getting wasted on my birthday with a bunch of people who are already sick of hearing about my pole dancing stories, I decided to go out and get wasted and watch pole dancing with people who want to listen to my stories and share their own stories about pole dancing. It was a win situation for me really.

We were in the second row. Best seats in the house, but also the coldest seats in the house. The air conditioning was blowing straight on us. Being not too cold that night, I decided a little black cardigan that just covers my shoulders was the best compliment to my dress that night. How wrong I was! I was literally frozen by the time we walked out of that place. Next year I will not be so keen to sit at the front :p

Chilli Rox as always was an amazing host coming out in many different outfits all night and I’m sure holding back tears watching some of her babies dance. And so she should be emotional – her babies were amazing!

Now to the dancers. At a pole competition the thing you want to aim for is to make your routine memorable. I’m sure that’s where the extravagant costumes come from, because if there were no costumes or themes, every single routine would be the same, and boring when you’ve finally got to the last performance. So the girls go to SO much effort to make their performances amazing.

Things that impressed me? The spray tattoo of a spine on Amber Ray’s back. For her entire performance I sat next to my friend Priscilla and the only thing we said to each other was “OMG is that a real tatt? That is MAD. I don’t know if it’s real. I think it’s just painted on. No but it looks so real? I wonder if it’s real.” Well it wasn’t a real tatt but it was frickin AMAZING.

Staying on Amber Ray, another thing that impressed me HUGELY was something that only she did, and that was her static v (ayesha) where she slid down the pole. Holy crap.

Next notable thing was Shimmy. Just overall. She is frickin amazing. I loved her theme which was “girl stuck in pole dancing studio while there is an earthquake and dances her way out like any awesome pole dancer does” and her little brick house and hat with a torch to match. That was awesome. The other thing that I think is amazing about Shimmy is her ABS OF STEEL. Holy crap. I can only dream to have abs like that. Her body is unbelievable. And she just hangs (pulls herself up) from the pole WITH ONE ARM! O M G!

I cannot forget Jedda J Jordan who was one of my favourite performances of the night. The thing I absolutely LOVE about Jedda is that she is so out there. Her performances always have the most amazing themes and her entire routine is so true to her theme. Last year in the finals Jedda did a lady Gaga theme “Bad Romance” where she came out on crutches, wore micky mouse glasses, and threw both of them into the audience. This time around at the heats she came out in a prom dress, a crown, had a red carpet and a bunch of flowers. What did she do? Kicked open the red carpet, threw her props into the crowd and swung that bunch of flowers around so hard that half the flowers hit the people in the audience if the bunch she flung in didn’t. It was AWESOME!!

Lastly, the ever so flexible Porsche who came out in the cutest blue flight attendant outfit I have ever seen (thanks to Georgia Moon Costumes). This was my favourite performance I have seen of Porsche’s. It was so entertaining and her tricks where flawless. She is one of the most elegant dancers I have ever seen. If you haven’t seen her, you should definitely watch 🙂

My favourite costume of the night hands down was Billie Brooklyn. She came out in an egyptian inspired outfit that had the most amazing colour combination. It looked egyptian but was totally out of this world. I also know she loves that costume so much that when she walked off the stage after her performance, she put the whole thing back on again 🙂

“So who won?!” I hear you ask.

Amber Ray took out first place. Her performance really was award winning and she deserved to win.
Second was Porsche, and equal third was Jedda and Stacy. I couldn’t have placed better dancers in the top 3 (well 4 this time around).

Are we noticing a trend here? Yep. The ones that stood out for me were the ones that won or were placed.

The most sobering part of the night was watching the current Miss Pole Dance Australia Cleo the Hurricane hand over her NSW title. Sobering because there are very few dancers I love watching as much as Cleo, and seeing her hand over her title hit home that she will not be performing at this year’s finals, but will instead be in Berlin performing in a show that is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The only consolation prize would be if Felix performed at the finals. I’ve heard rumours already. Fingers crossed they are true!

The tickets are on sale now for the 7 year in a row sellout Miss Pole Dance Australia finals which are held in November at the Enmore Theatre.

Click here to buy your tickets now before they are sold out!

All photos used in this post courtesy of Brad from Vertigo Photography.



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