My first Pole Grooves

I’ve been threatening to do pole grooves as a catch up at Bobbi’s for months now, but truth be told I have always been scared. I’ve always felt that the girls who go every week are just so in tune with each other that I’d never be able to do it as well as what they do, that I’d stick out like a sore thumb.

Well since today was a public holiday I decided to bite the bullet and finally go since I had a catch up from my Saturday class that I missed. I figured there wouldn’t be too many girls there because of the public holiday and maybe the routine wont be too hard.

I totally surprised myself. I managed to learn an entire routine in about 20 minutes, remember it and most of all enjoy it so much so that I’m actually going to book myself into a pole grooves class for next term.

I’d seen this routine before as Stine Kronborg posted it on her facebook the week the pole groovers did this routine and I remember watching it thinking “OMG that looks so hard”, mostly because there is so much dancing which is not the part I’m great at. I’ve never watched myself dance, mostly because I don’t really look in the mirror and I’ve never recorded myself dancing, but I don’t imagine I look very sexy because I don’t feel sexy when I dance.

By the end we did the routine in 2 halves so that we weren’t killing each other with our fabulous long legs, and I found that I was dancing like noone was watching me. I remember at one point thinking “omg i just pulled a sex face without even realising it”. That’s what Chilli Rox does to me :p

So here is the awesome routine choreographed by Chilli Rox, courtesy of Stine’s YouTube account. Enjoy 🙂



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