Pole Dance Songs

As a musician, music is one of the most basic things I love about pole dancing. I love that I’m able to hit beats with moves or hear a huge bar coming up in the score that will let me do something amazing.

The biggest thing I love about music is its power to make every single person feel something different when they hear the words. My favourite songs of all time mean something to me personally and when I hear them a lot of the time I feel them with tears. Music has a way to move people like nothing else.

When it comes to pole dancing, a lot of dancers like to stick to slow, moving songs because it allows them to feel a story through their music. I never really liked slow songs until recently when I did a few of Chilli Rox’s pole grooves classes.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am Christina Aguilera’s biggest fan on the planet. Those who don’t know me personally will not know that I have had a hard time lately with the falling apart of my engagement and relationship. I guess this is me putting it out there.

So back to Christina Aguilera. I love her because she writes a lot of songs about her life and so many people can relate to them. I love her voice and everything about her. I really just think she is amazing, and she always seems to bring out a new song that I can relate to at exactly the right time.

The first class to a slow song I did with Chilli was Wrecking Ball by Miley Cirus. Granted, a lot of people hate Miley, but I kinda like her. She has definitely grown on me. Wrecking ball is one of those songs that most people can totally relate to in every way and the dance was absolutely beautiful. I loved ever second of it.

The next class was one that, at the time, really touched on some heart strings. It was Say Something by Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Every single time I have ever tried to sing that song I have cried. There has never been a time when I haven’t cried. The piano moves me as soon as that single note starts playing. The choreography by Chilli was breathtakingly amazing. I have never, ever danced chorey I have loved so much. I felt like it portrayed exactly how I was feeling at that point in time. So as you can imagine, I was pretty much in tears the entire time we danced to the song. I was also in tears when we did half half and watched the other half of the class dance it. I even cried all the way home. When we danced to this song, my partner and I hadn’t broken up yet, but I had this awful feeling that it was coming. Girls. Just. Know.

The next song we danced to just happened to be about 2 days after he broke my heart and that dance was to You Lost Me by Christina Aguilera. It broke my heart over and over again to dance to that song, especially since noone knew what I was going through. Again, the chorey was simply amazing. Chilli Rox in all her years of choreography experience really knows how to show people what she means through dancing.

As I said before, slow music is not really something I ever loved until after I did these classes. Perhaps my mental state at the time was what made me love them. It was a huge outlet for me. I still haven’t grieved properly over the death of my relationship. I think once I have moved out and into my own place (we are still living together) I will be able to fully let it all out.

As I mentioned earlier, as a musician the biggest thing I love about music is its power to make every single person feel something different when they hear the words. A song heard by 10,000 people will have 10,000 different meanings. There is a song that in my opinion explains exactly how I feel about my ex. The song is Everlong by Foo Fighters. If I had to listen to only one song for the rest of my life, that would be it. At some point in the next few months I’m going to get part of the chorus tattooed on myself. It seems like the perfect end to something I thought would never end, and the perfect beginning to opening my heart again at some point.

The only thing I’ll ever ask of you,
You gotta promise not to stop when I say when,
She said…




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