Pole Dancing Moves: DVD Cover (Extended Butterfly) Combo

This is a combo that I’ve never really been able to make look pretty because I could never get my body up into the jamilla (cradle) to carry on with the rest, but for some reason with my small wins I’ve been getting lately on my pole, I seemed to make it look so good that I’ve been told I make it look so easy! Anyone who can do this combo knows it is not easy, especially when doing a climb on the side that you never climb on. I learned to climb clockwise with my right arm up, so climbing anticlockwise with my left arm up feels super awkward for me.

I started recording my combos because I want to see where I can improve. Flexed feet, arms or legs in the wrong place, dismounts looking ugly etc etc. This one really surprised me. I wont say it’s perfect, because it is far from perfect, but it looked much better than I ever thought it would. It’s almost like when you start a plan for weight loss or body transformation. You take a video the first time you do it, then after you have practiced the hell out of that move, you record it again to see how much you have improved. Making it look better is always the same as losing those cms, or getting those abs, or losing a few kgs. It makes you proud.

Now, for those girls who are having trouble going into their extendedd butterfly (which in our studio we call the DVD cover), here are the things I’ve been told or have found myself that make it easier.

If you’re doing it from the ground, once into your cradle and you open your legs, try to open them back instead of to the side. So your top leg should be coming back down towards your face. From there, bend your knee and put the back of your ankle onto the pole. Slide your top hand up so it’s just under your ankle. You’re half way there.

Bend your bottom leg in and as you do, slide your bottom hand down, but not too far down or you wont have any room for your head. As you slide your bottom hand down you want to push the bottom leg up towards the ceiling. If you don’t bend the leg in and try to push it up while it is still straight, you will NEVER get up (unless you’re wonder woman and strong as hell, and in that case I commend you). When your leg is bent it’s easier to push stright up because your center of gravity is more condensed. Think about it this way, if you are holding a pole. It is MUCH easier to lift the pole if it is vertical than if it is horizontal. Same theory here. The closer your body is to the pole the easier it will be to push it up.

So when you push your leg up, you want to bring the rest of your body to face down almost like a nose dive position. Once there you can slide your top ankle up the pole and extend the bottom leg out into the extended butterfly.

From there you could go into so many moves: back down into a cradle, into a right leg hang (inside leg hang), into a static v (ayesha).

If you happen to make a video, please post it so I can see how you do it. You never know, you may be able to give me some good tips too 🙂



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