Pole Dancing Moves: Pole Practice

One thing I’ve been commended on recently is my dedication and hard work, so being off the pole for the last 10 days because the studio has been closed has been really hard. I do 5 days of weights per week, but to be fair, nothing can prepare you for pole. There is nothing in the gym that uses your muscles in the same way that a pole does.

For example, I could pull myself up on the pole over and over again, but get me to do chin ups and I could probably push out 5. The muscles are used in different ways when you do weights compared to when you do things on the pole, so being off the pole for 10 days has killed my strength a little. When practicing yesterday I didn’t feel nearly as strong as I usually do.

In any case, I’ve started putting moves I’d like to work on and learn into a notebook with funny little drawings. Yep, my fiance laughed at them when he saw them. I’m terrible at drawing, but at least I can recognise what they are.

So a few of the things I wanted to work on were:

Jade Split. After seeing Cleo’s tutorial of it I thought I may actually be able to get it flat. Yep, it’s flat. Ecstatic 🙂

Meat hook. I’d like to control getting out of it more and after seeing my video I also need to work on straightening my legs.

Iron X. The last time I did on I was actually able to hold it for quite a long time (probably about 5-8 seconds) and go back up again. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling overly strong so I could only hold it a second or two.

Twisty Grip Handspring. I’d like to mostly work on being able to come back down slowly as well as coming out of the move elegantly. Because I do this move on the side opposite to my Ayesha (static V) it’s something I need to work on. My handspring feels pretty strong these days though. I don’t feel as though I need to kick hard to get up and I mostly push and pull to get up these days.

Tummy grip moves. Yesterday I tried a tummy grip cradle (jamilla) into an open leg cradle into an extended butterfly (DVD Cover) into a Scorpio (right leg hang/inside leg hang).

Scissor kicks. I tried these for the first time yesterday on my own. They are a lot harder than they look. The hardest thing is coordinating your legs back onto either side of your hands. Once I have that I feel like I go could a lot faster. Holding myself up for that long was not an issue.

I recorded a few of them so that I could see my form and technique and give myself something to work on. My moves are not perfect by any stretch, but at least seeing what I look like gives me the opportunity to improve.

Here is the video with the moves:

If you’d like to see Cleo’s Jade Split tutorial, view it below.



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