Pole Dancing Moves: The Cartwheel Kickup

This move has been the bain of my existence for months now. The instruction from the teacher said, go down as though you’re going into a cartwheel, but instead of putting your hand on the ground, put it on the pole. Your feet will go over the same way. Just don’t look up. So what do I do every time? I look up. I can’t help it.

For some reason I have been having a lot of little wins lately on my pole and I’m going to post them all here just to show how proud of myself I am. In any case, this is one of them, and it seems that it happens when I’m trying to show someone else what a move looks like (or should look like since I’ve never been able to do the move before). It’s amazing how you can do things when someone is watching you, eh?

So, the cartwheel kick up. I have almost fallen on my head, kicked myself in the face (I wear heels when I dance so you can imagine this is not a good thing at all), bend my back out of place, ripped my hands off, and just in general hurt myself trying to do this move. OK, so maybe I’m exaggerating about some of those things, but that’s what it feels like when you keep trying something and you can’t get it. I almost gave up!

After this day in the recording below, I can now do it every single time. I can’t believe it. The only thing I need to work on is making my bottom hand into a pistol grip so that I can balance my body better when it’s up. At the moment, because of the bottom hand grip I keep toppling over after a few seconds.

Anyway so there you go. Here is my cartwheel kickup 🙂



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