Pole Move: The Allegra

I’m usually pretty good at the moves that involve skin to stick to the pole but not as good as the ones that require a tonne of strength or balance, so learning the Allegra was pretty cool. It’s definitely one of the prettier moves I’ve learned.

There is one problem with this move. The bruise. They really should change the name of the move from The Allegra to The Bruise.

I learned this move for the very first time on Sunday in Chilli’s intro to prep class. I was having an amazing day. I had been in practice time for about an hour and a half before the class and I was sticking to the pole, I finally was able to get my front vertical split on the pole from a half split, and I was also able to finally get a DVD Cover (extended butterfly), both with noone there to see them.

So when I got into the class I was able to do everything and I was doing it with what seemed to be no effort at all. I was so impressed with myself.

One of the moves was The Allegra. Right now I still can’t believe how much it hurt. But not at the time, 3 days later.

Below are 2 photos. The first is Day 1 (the day after). The second is Day 3. I will admit that yesterday I decided I wanted to practice some of the moves I had learned lately, so I put my pole up and gave it a whirl. It could have been that I tried the allegra twice over the top of the first bruise that made it worse. But I did apply Bobbi’s Bruise Balm straight away and a few times afterward so I’m not entirely sure if this is the healing colours. It’s not really blue anymore. It’s more of a brown colour.

Not only that, but the move we were learning this week in our inter 3 class just happened to be a right leg hang. I screamed a few times in class tonight.

The Allegra

The Allegra

To get into this move you first go into a right leg hang. Unfortunately you will need to go into the ugly right leg hang. It’s ugly for 2 reasons – the first is that your leg needs to be bent, not flush with the pole. The second is because it HURTS! I much prefer a flush leg because I don’t think it hurts.

When you put your right leg on the pole, you need to make your body parallel with the floor so from the side it would look like you’re almost lying flat.

Then take your right hand from the inside of your knee and place it on the outer side of your knee and grab the pole. Take your left hand off and straighten your right leg.

Anyway so my friend Billie has her own blog now, and after seeing my photo on facebook, she blogged about bruises (or as she calls them, pole kisses). I’d like to call them pole kisses of death! She posted a photo of her first allegra bruise and it’s very similar to mine. If you’d like to read the post, click here.

So this is my second edition of Introduction to Pain. Let’s hope this bruise is gone by Sunday so I can do it all over again.

Below: The Allegra
Dancer: Billie

The Allegra - Billie



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