Pole Moves: Split on the pole

I did a catch up class on Monday with the fabulous Chilli Rox because I have been sick as a dog and missed a few of my classes. I haven’t had a class with Chilli for so long that I had forgotten how hard her classes were. I don’t think I’ve had a warm up that went for so long ever! And it could have been that I had already had one gym session and one pole session already that day, but by the time the warm up was over, I was totally knackered! It was awesome.

Anyway, so in the catch up class all of the girls are pretty good with the whole routine, and all the moves that go with inter 3. So Chilli taught them a new move – the split on the pole. That’s what I’m calling it anyway because I can’t remember if that’s actually what she called it ๐Ÿ˜›

Granted I am not flexible enough to have a middle split so it was not as pretty as it could have been.

It took me SOOOO long to find this photo. The dancer is Allegra and the photo was on the MPD WA Heats poster back in 2010. She definitely looks much nicer doing hers than I do, which is why I used her photo ๐Ÿ™‚

To get into this move, first get into a left leg hang. Leave your left hand on the pole and take your right hand down near your head and push your bum back so that your leg comes down and place the back of your ankleย on the pole. Then take your right hand and grip the pole under your other hand. Once you have a good grip, slowly straighten your top leg and slide your leg out so that the back of your other ankle is on the pole.

If you’re pretty flexible and can do a middle split, when you slide your top leg out, slide the bottom leg down so that your legs open wider. If you feel like you have a good grip, remove your top hand and voila! There you have it!

If you’re not flexible and you want to distract people, taking the hand off is the way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

To get out of it you can either slide down to the ground, bend your bottom leg around the pole and then take your top leg off and put it around the pole to get into a sit, or just bend the top leg over the pole and put the bottom leg behind the pole into a jamilla/starfish and come down. There’s probably more ways to get out of it but these are the ones I know of ๐Ÿ™‚

Good luck!

Middle Split on the Pole - Allegra Pole Dancer



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