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This is a bit of a double post. On Friday my friend Mark at Gold Hat Photography took some photos of me for his 10 Minute Portrait package range that he offers on his website. The package aims to bring out your true personality in the photos while of course making you look amazing (check, and check).

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not really your average “girl”. I say girl in quotes because I think of myself more of a tomboy than a girl. I’ve been sporty my whole life, playing softball, baseball, soccer, rowing among other things, and I’ve always hung out with the boys rather than the girls wherever I’ve been be it back at school, at work or even at social events. I feel more comfortable with the boys, and for the most part I think girls have hated me my whole life. I was bullied at school because of my crazy curly hair (it’s much like an afro actually and far too difficult to manage, so I get it chemically straightened), and so I never really had a great connection with a lot of girls, apart from my closest girlfriends of which there were about 4.

So getting back to the photos, which you can see here, Mark described me pretty well exactly as I am; bred in the gong with a sense of humour like the lads and a mouth to go with it.

So when you get past my outdoor photos of me laughing and making stupid poses, some caught while I’m mid sentence and others while I had no idea the camera was even on me, you’ll get to the pole photos. I’ll start by saying that Mark has never taken pole photos, ever. EVER. And to be honest, he didn’t have anything great to work with. My pole is in our office gym which looks like the middle of a war zone. My pole is in the middle of a section we use for Yoga and other stuff that requires a flat large space, and the other gym equipment is all together on the other side. The roof has been dug out and painted black and it really looks like we are in a warehouse.

To my point, the photos turned out amazing. Mark took photos of me when I wasn’t even watching, mid pose that turned out amazing (and in poses I could never do again if I tried), and some that I just never expected would look so great (mostly because I didn’t realise how flexible I can be when I’m not warm).

So here is the shot that I love the most. It is a Darryl Hannah (sorry I don’t know what they call it at other studios, this is just what they call it at Bobbi’s) and although I am fully clothed, the lines and the pointed toes are awesome. I can thank Ryder for making us go over this in our Wednesday Inter 3 class. I had planned to do a DVD cover (extended butterfly) but my pole was pretty slippery and I ended up not being able to grip my top ankle on the pole, ending up slipping into the photo below on the right (which turned out to be a pretty awesome photo anyway).

Pole Move: Darryl HannahPole Move Venus, Butterfly slip from DVD Cover Extended Butterfly

At the end of the photo shoot I flexed my right bicep because it was pretty sore from pulling myself up about 20 times and Mark thought that would be the perfect end to the shoot. I’m pretty proud of the muscles I’ve gotten from pole dancing. I’d love to trim down more so you can see them more defined, and I think it will happen over time. For now I can be happy that I can beat any guy in an arm wrestle…

Mark is really an amazing photographer. In fact, I’ll be using him for my own wedding which is coming up sometime in the near future, once I’ve set a date. I’ve searched high and low when it comes to photos for my wedding and I really could not find a single photographer that can capture the moment like Mark can.

If you’d like to get a 10 Minute Portrait for yourself, a friend or family member, or would even like to hire Mark for some other photography event, please visit his site at

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