The Sanitation of Pole Dancing

This topic is pretty close to my heart. Why, you might ask? Well if you’re a regular reader of my blog posts, you would have already seen my post regarding coming out of the pole closet where my mother thought I was a stripper.

If not, go check it out here (the link will open for you in a new window, so don’t be scared to click it now).

The reason this topic is close to my heart is because when I started pole dancing, I had no self esteem and no confidence, and if it’s only one thing that I have gained from pole dancing, it’s confidence.

The style of dance that we learn at Bobbi’s is a mix of sexy and athletic, just enough sexy to get the girls loving themselves in their skin, and just enough athleticism to get the girls impressing every person they ever meet with the tricks they can do on the pole. I appreciate the sexiness even more as I gain more and more confidence. I experiment with things in the mirror, which is something I couldn’t do for almost 2 years. I never watched myself dance in the mirror and it actually disgusted me to see myself in the mirror. I think my dancing has improved 10 fold since I started watching how I looked in the mirror because I notice now what looks good and what doesn’t. Confidence is really an amazing thing. I cannot recommend it enough 🙂

What the hell does this have to do with the topic of the blog post?

Sanitation of Pole Dancing. What do you think when you hear that? I hear “cut out the sexy, take away the shoes, the amazing costumes, the makeup, the glam, the dancing, and make it more like gymnastics on a vertical pole”. That does not sit well with me at all.

The reason this topic has come up is because there has been constant talk of pushing pole dancing to become an olympic sport. You’d think pole dancers would be absolutely thrilled to hear that. Well, most of us are not. If you go and look at the judging criteria when it comes to olympics sports, you can easily start to see why this cannot be a good thing for us. Yep, it will get pole dancing recognised as a sport that is no longer completely associated with women taking their clothes off for money, but I believe most of the things that make pole dancing fun to do and watch will be taken away.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some positives that could come from it, like there could be a standard set of terms and hardness when it comes to moves. Pole dancers all over the world could talk to each other about a particular move and both be talking about the same thing. There are so many names for the same move these days, that sometimes it is a little hard to keep up with them. It could also be positive that the rules would state that a certain number of tricks per each category must be used within the routine which would make judging more than fair, however it would also mean that things like stage presence would be totally thrown out of the water.

When I think of an olympic pole dancing routine, I think of climb into trick after trick, dismount, climb into trick after trick, dismount, with a clap after each dismount. No moving between two poles in a way that might be different to the other dancers. No shoulder split pushups in the middle of the stage. No press handstands and no leg waves!

What makes it any different to gymnastics, apart from a vertical pole instead of a horizontal beam?


The costumes, the facial expressions, the music, the transitions, THE SHOES! All of these things are what make me LOVE pole dancing. Making it an olympic sport and taking these things away would kill my dreams.

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