Miss Pole Dance Australia: Tonight is the night!

As my friend Billie Brooklyn says, it’s Pole-mas!

Yes my friends, tonight is the night of nights. It is Miss Pole Dance Australia finals.

Each year the best of the best compete in a round of heats in each state for a chance to the finals to take out the crown and title of Miss Pole Dance Australia.

In years gone by, the competition has been stiff. There has been laughter, tears and probably even some dummy spits. One thing for sure is that this night is the night every pole dancer of Australia waits for, and people come from all over the world to experience. Past years have seen performances from the likes of Alethea Austin, Natasha Wang, Jenyne Butterfly and more.

Felix Cane, one of the world’s most famous pole dancers recently retired from the competition after winning 3 times. Felix is mostly known for her unique move the Spatchcock, and her impressive move The Eagle. After winning the first time, the organisers of the event, Bobbis Pole Studio, decided it would be a fair move to ensure the same dancer cannot compete 2 years in a row. Good thing they did because Felix won her 3 titles every year that she was allowed to compete.

So, to tonight. I cannot tell you how excited I am. Why? Because one of my favourite dancers in the world, one of my teachers, is competing. Jedda J Jordan has been dancing for quite a few years (over 6 I believe, could even be more now) and for someone who has been dancing for so long, she never ceases to bring something new to the table. Each year her style progresses into some kind of amazing transformation that you never could have expected. She is big on themes, last year having done both heat and finals in true Lady Gaga form, even introducing crutches and the mickey mouse glasses into her finals performance. Her use of the stage last year was awesome too, even using the framework that holds the poles up in her routine.

Jedda has given me a tiny peak at her costume and played me her music and I almost wish she hadn’t because I did not sleep a wink last night. I think my heart rate has been running high the last week just being so excited about tonight.

If you will be supporting Jedda tonight, please be sure to pick up a green glowstick from any $2 store. Gypsy will crack the first one to give us the signal to crack ’em open.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to all of the contestants competing for the title tonight. It will be sad to see Cleo give up the title for a year, but I’m sure we will have her back next year even more hungry for the crown. She has already posted that she is getting ideas for next year. I can’t even begin to imagine what they will be like!

So I’m going to leave you, my friends, with this. If you have not purchased tickets to this event, you are about to miss out on the best night of your life.



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